Satellite TV
Terrestrial TV

Satellite TV on Crete

(Greek island in the Mediterranean)

I buy my equipment from SatCure. They will ship directly here by Parcel Force or to your UK address or to Nomad (Cretan Express) in Peterborough.

For installation work on Crete - satellite TV and satellite Internet - try Hitek. (This is NOT a recommendation. I do not know this company.)

My Channel master 1.2 metre dish is extremely robust, being made from plastic sheet compressed in a mould with fine wire mesh in between the layers.

It's mounted on a sturdy 3 inch diameter steel mount that was made in Haniá by an engineering company.

The LNB is an Invacom quad-output type with 40mm neck.

I had to file the mounting clamp because the threaded brass inserts stood proud and it didn't hold the 40mm LNB neck when I tightened the screws.

The 10mm holes in the concrete roof were partly filled with silicone rubber to prevent water ingress.

The bolt threads were treated with silicone grease to prevent corrosion.

The 'F' plugs connecting the cable to the LNB were also treated with silicone grease to keep moisture out. (If you have intermittent or "no signal" this is the first thing to check. If silicone grease hasn't been applied to the bare copper wires, they WILL corrode.