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Cable and Plugs on Crete

(Greek island in the Mediterranean)

I buy my equipment from SatCure. They will ship directly here by Parcel Force or to your UK address or to Nomad (Cretan Express) in Peterborough.

The "best" cable available on Crete is RG6. It has an aluminium foil screen (instead of copper).

If you are lucky, it will have a 1mm copper core. If you are unlucky, it will have a copper-coated steel core. Test with a magnet.

If you are lucky it will have a copper braid screen. If you are unlucky, it will be aluminium braid. Test by soldering. If solder adheres easily, the braid is copper.

The cable I ordered from SatCure was WF100, which is available in 6 different colours. It has a 1mm copper core, copper foil screen and copper stranded braid screen. Its signal losses are very low and shielding very good.

Read more about cable click HERE.

Coaxial cable can be joined but, if it's outdoors, be sure to use silicone grease inside the plugs and Self-Amalgamating tape to seal it.

'F' plugs usually have an 11 mm nut but the internal thread differs so you MUST choose the 'F' plug to fit the specific cable that you are using. If the